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Hi, I'm Valesia Crayton 

I have always had a phenomenal relationship with fitness, and working out has been a staple in my lifestyle from as early as I can remember. Nutrition, on the other hand, was always a real struggle for me. I jumped from one yo-yo diet to the next, and when I would get exhausted from those or felt the results were not coming fast enough, I would quickly turn to diet pills, ultimately leading me down a path of severe body dysmorphia. To say I have had an unhealthy relationship with the way I've  fueled my body would be an understatement. In 2018, my mother took a medication that had a side effect that completely wiped her short term and some of her long term memory. She was not able to dress herself, feed herself, or even speak clearly . Out of pure frustration and irritation, I decided it was time for me to learn as much information as possible on healing the body from the inside out. Although there are cases where medication is in fact needed, I knew there had to be alternative options with less detrimental side effects. Four years later, I am certified as a Master Holistic Nutritionist, striving to change the negative connotation around nutrition and living a holistic lifestyle. My ultimate goal is to direct individuals to the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves. Helping people discover food really can be your medicine.

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