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If you are looking to slim your waistline, reduce bloat, improve skin clarity, and incease overall energy in as little as 7 days then this program is for you. The 7 day slim down is a great way to kickstart any nutritional lifestyle change, or fitness goal. 



How It Works:


1. Intermittent Fasting

We provide a daily schedule for periods of fasting and windows of food consumption. 


2. Detoxificaton


A specialty green juice recipe, daily herbal teas, and specific water targets that aid in ridding the body of toxins and excess inflammation.


3. Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan


A specific meal plan and Grocery List designed to rid the body of inflammation.



What's Included:


Daily Meal Schedules with Specific Meal Times


Each of the 7 Days comes with a specific meal itinerary, telling you exactly what time each meal should be consumed to receive the best results.  


Daily Movement Objectives and Water Intake Goals


Each of the 7 Days has a specific movement objective as well as a specific water intake goal that is designed to help eliminate the body of toxins. 


Quick, Easy Recipes 


The most important part of ensuring we slim your waist line and reduce your bloat is to fuel your body with the proper nutrients that not only maintain energy, but also help fight inflammation. You will receive a fresh juice recipe, AM/PM snack, lunch option and dinner option. 




The 7 Day Slim Down Program is delievered directly to your email after purchase. A one time purchase gets you lifetime access to the program, to use whenever your body needs a reset. 




DISCLAIMER: Please do not proceed with purchase of this program without consulting with a physician first. Results may vary with each individual, please be sure to follow directions in its entirety for maximum results and satisfaction.


7 Day Slim Down Program

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All files are in a PDF format and need to be downloaded and saved to a computer.

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