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Are you looking to lower your systolic and diastolic numbers, lose weight, and improve your energy, and potentially rid yourself of high blood pressure medication? Then this program is for you. The high blood pressure fix is a carefully crafted 14 day meal plan with a blend of specialty juices, and herbal teas all geared towards lowering your high blood pressure significantly in as little as 3 days!





How it Works:


1.  14 Day High Blood Pressure Meal Plan 

A specific meal plan full of delicious whole foods designed to lower blood pressure numbers significantly within the first 3 days. 


2. Detoxification

A specialty high blood pressure specific juice recipe, daily herbal teas, and specific water targets will aid in eliminating toxins and inflammation from the body.



What's Included:


1. Daily Movement Objectives and Water Intake Goals


Each of the 14 days has specific movement objectives as well as a specific water intake goal that is designed to help eliminate the body of toxins as well as aid in lowering blood pressure numbers. 


2. Quick, Easy Recipes  


 We recommened prepping your meals in advance, but if that is not feasible all meals take less than 30 minutes to prepare. 


3. 14 Day Meal Plan


Each of the 14 days include: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, AM Snack, PM Snack. Each day is mapped out for you, telling you exactly what foods to eat during each meal. You will also receive the exact food measurements required for each meal. 



4. Complete Shopping List


We take the guess work out by giving you a complete shopping list naming each food item you will need for the next 14 days. 


The High Blood Pressure Fix Program is delivered directly to your email after purchase. One time purchase gets you lifetime access to the program, so you will have the tools to keep you off of high blood pressure medication for good. 











DISCLAIMER:  Please do not proceed with the purchase of this program until you have consulted with a physician. When starting a holistic approach to lowering blood pressure doctors will normally lower blood pressure medication or frequency of use to ensure blood pressure numbers do not drop to low. Results may vary with each individual, please be sure to follow directions in its entirety for maximum results and satisfaction.

High Blood Pressure Fix

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All files are in a PDF format and need to be downloaded and saved to a computer.

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