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  • Our Beet Root Solutions Wellness Shots contain 3 powerful ingredients that help to support hypertensive and pre-hypertensive individulals. 


    Now these power packed ingredients do much more than lower elevated blood pressure numbers. This blend also helps minimize any pain associated with menstruation, as well as provides a boost in cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. 




    Disclaimer: Do not use this product without appropriate medical care and consultation. If you may have a medical problem, disease, or are pregnant please consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment. 


    Caution: If you have a kidney or gallbladder disorder please consult a healthcare professional before use.

    Beet Root Solutions Wellness Shots

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    • For every day use:

      Add 1/2 Tablespoon of powder mix into 4-6 oz of water, smoothie, or blended drink of choice. Once Daily


      For High Blood Pressure Support:

      Add 1/2 Tablespoon of Powder mix into 4-6 oz of room temperature water Twice Daily


      For Menstrual Pain Relief: 

      Add 1/2 Tablespoon into 4-6 oz of warm water morning and evening until symptoms subside. 


      For Athletic Endurance:

      Add 2 Tablespoons into 6-8 oz of warm water, juice, or blended drink of choice 90 minutes prior to strenuous exercise, marathon running, 45 minutes or more of HIIT training and strength training).




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